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Every individual requires refresher training in the areas of life-skills. This two day module is a modest effort to evolve our hard working souls on the shop-floor to feel important, understood and cared for. The management takes this opportunity to show their employees one more way of giving the best to their deserving colleagues.

The interactive workshop method used by the trainer will help the employee to ventilate their problem, make group presentations and earn a uniqueness by sharpening their concepts and skills.

Topics like Social issues, Good and bad habits, Goals, time management, Stress management, Building Relationships, absenteeism Management etc will catalyze and accelerate work. The best things in life always come along with fame and transformation, “YOUNIQUE ” seeks to be the best in a most scientific and practical way.

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Win Your Own Children

One seven year old boy from 1st standard came to the counselor with a notebook and was crying very much. I asked him the reason; he answered “I cannot write, and everyone teases me.” He was very much upset. I could see helplessness on his face. That time I made him comfortable by saying “you can do it, nothing is impossible.” He looked at me, and started writing some basic alphabets along with some phonetics. He got a lot of appreciation, and I could see him smiling. This is where the role of parents and teacher starts…… One girl came to me and said “Ms. I see a ghost everyday at my home.’ She was very much scared and wanted to come out of the fearful thoughts which were troubling her mentally everyday. Here, if this problem is not adressed at the right time; then her symptoms of hallucinating may worsen, and she may loose the touch with reality. Here again the crucial role of parents starts……. These examples depicts us that there are many children who comes to the counselor everyday, with many problems such as, changing behaviour, improvement in studies, or any family relationship matter. Also, it is observed that the parents who support their children, during the counseling period are showing better results. Now you all must be wondering, where is the question of winning your child?

Yes you are right! All the above examples are telling us “try to understand me and my world.” Children don’t want dictators but active listeners. This is a first step to win your child, by understanding the problem intellectually and solving it emotionally.

The second thing is be your child’s role model and a support pillar. Develop a trust with your child and analyse the changing situation. Children like to be appreciated, as it enhances their confidence; so appreciate them as much as possible. Also be in touch with their friend circle. Don’t read out your own story about what you suffered in your childhood. All these Do’s and Dont’s will be certainly helpful. Thus the most important factors in a child’s life is family, friends and school. It helps them learn the A-B-C of life. School is a place where children spend many important years of their lives. The school is not only made up of bricks, stones and cement; but with parents, teachers, students and other people who are working there. Here children don’t only learn to study, but to excel in imbibing the other life skills. The role of parents, teachers is very much crucial to develop sense of belongingness and trust towards not only the school but also in future, wherever they go.

Last but not the least - Parents, teachers, counselor should work together. Many times we blame teachers or teachers blame parents or then we blame children and system. Somewhere we should stop the blame game and think about the Win-Win situation and this rational parenting is possible only by practising it.

This poem would be most explanatory to this:
Flatter me and I may not believe you…
Criticize me and I may not like you…
Ignore me and I may not forgive you…
Encourage me and I may not forget you…