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Mrs.Swati Parab

About The Counsellor

Mrs.Swati Parab is an eminent behavior Therapist, a Senior Counselor and since twelve years working in the field of counseling and social work. She conducted workshops with corporate sectors, schools and colleges, crèches, teachers, students.

Mrs.Swati Parab has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce(B.Com.) and a Masters Degree in Social Welfare(M.S.W) with specializations in family welfare and child welfare.

She has also done Basic Communication and Counselling Skill course from IPH(Institute of Psychological Health) and has also completed 2 levels of Landmark International Forum. She also conducts Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy(REBT).

Since seven years focusing on youth groups, their parents and family as an institution. Working with schools and colleges as a counselor. She is a communicator and role model rather than a orator.

Her programmes have been appreciated and found to be useful and practical. Her talent in helping discover the worth of every employee and channelize it effectively. She is continuously talking with the parents and accordingly organizing the sessions for them.

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To advocate families and individuals for sound mental health through promoting best training programmes, research and systemic change.


To create a world where mental illness is understood at an early stage in life , effectively treated and ultimately prevented.


1. To create self awareness amost youth, and adults.
2. To help the educational institutions to build up healthy mindset.
3. Industries, society, and even a layman get awareness of counseling and sharing; which helps to reduce suicidal tendency.
4. To understand in born qualities and natural talents which helps to shape the future.

Establishment Of YOUNIQUE

Human being is social animal and naturally they are kind, dependent on each other.
The same instinct I realized within and started helping society and families to keep better mental health and strong bond within. After degree of B.Com., I worked with Prerna organization, While working with Prerna strongly felt that if I want to help society in a better way with wide area of network lets get the degree in Social Work.
In 2004, I got degree in social work ie. MASTERS IN SOCIAL WELFARE (MSW) with Family and Child Welfare(FCW)specialization from KARVE INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SERVICES, PUNE.
I worked with mental health centres, suicidal prevention helpline,SAHARA and then decided to work for the cause of Prevention of mental illnesses in a society.

To work at prevention level, youngsters and their parents are the focus of the target audience.
Considering this started counseling with educational institutions, corporate sectors, housewives and layman.
In the year 2015, the YOUNIQUE COUNSELING SERVICES originated. It provides three services:

  • Mental health first aid
  • Family counselling
  • Career Counselling

  • Till now 1,00,000 parents and 1,00,000 children benefited the services of counseling sessions, workshops and seminars.
  • Creches, Nurssaries
  • Private offices, corporate sectors- training programmes
  • Career assessments started since 2015.
  • Total 100 assessments done for students to choose their passion as a career.

They found the training programmes and personal coaching very helpful and motivational.
Parents demanded to include counselors’ blog in to the school app.
For small children, using therapy for betterment of eye hand coordination, concentration level and enhancing grasping power.
Adolescent children would be able to take appropriate life decisions for choosing a career, improving study skills and college students were discussed about handling relationship issues, choosing appropriate life partner and so on.